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If you're a boat dealer and a good listener to your customers, you're probably aware that a  substantial portion of sailors consider good screens very important to their enjoyment of their boat. 

At  Glebe Creek Screenworks, we  speak with literally thousand of sailors each year at shows and on the phone and we know how dissatisfied they are with the offerings of nearly all the major hatch manufacturers. As a dealer, you should know that

  • Our screens add value to any boat.

  • In our two years in business we’ve build screens for over 450 boats of all types for owners throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

  • Our network of new boat dealers and service yards that purchase from us is growing each season.

  • Little Harbor Marine’s service arm believes that the best value for their customer would be to buy from us rather than build in-house. 

  • We  design and build companionway and hatch screens for owners of almost every conceivable line of sailboats from new Amel Super Maramus to vintage Cheoy Lees.

  • So far we have not had one complaint, one return, one problem with any of these customers and our screens are guaranteed as long as the owner owns his boat!

"We want to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with you business. We believe that our screens can make your boats an even more attractive product to your customers Call us today and let's talk about it!"

Jordan DeTuncq, 

President, Glebe Screenworks

Glebe Creek Screenworks

 1011 Shore Drive Edgewater, Maryland  21037